Trade fair  /  02/15/2017  -  02/17/2017

nano tech

Together with further Saxon companies specialized in nanotechnology, Fraunhofer IKTS presents its latest materials developments and technologies in Tokyo at the joint Saxony Booth. Within the scope of the participation, the institute is happy to additionally offer an open workshop on high-performance pastes to all interested visitors.

East Hall 5, Booth 5P-14

“Printed electronics” is a future market in sensor, construction and connection, or OLED technology. The cost-effective method enables directly integrated electronics on various supports. Functional materials are utilized in liquid or pasteous form. The layers are printed over each other and as a result form high-definition 3D electronics.

New IKTS nanoink and paste compositions for demanding applications

The ceramic thick-film and direct writing technologies offer a series of advantages in the design of electronics, such as embedding high-performance resistors and conductors, single tracks or multilayer circuits on structural components of any size.

IKTS researchers show samples of specifically developed nanoscale metal inks and ceramic pastes that were directly applied on various supports by ink- or aerosol-jet printing. A broad base of experience and continuous research in the field allow to customize the properties of the used materials for each application background.

An online registration for the trade fair participation in advance guarantees visitors a free admission to nanotech 2017.