Trade fair  /  January 22, 2023  -  January 27, 2023


ICACC – International conference and exposition on Advanced Ceramics and Composites

The 47th ICACC returns as an in-person conference and provides a platform for the state-of-the-art presentations and information exchange on the cutting-edge ceramic and composite technologies. Meet us at Booth 305 and during numerous talks focusing on green hydrogen and all-solid-state battery solutions, functionalized and precision-molded glasses, and novel materials for wear components.


Advanced ceramics for green hydrogen technology

Ceramic materials and components play a key role in the production, transport, and application of green hydrogen. For large scale green hydrogen production electrolysis has to be used. We present new results for ceramic-based steam electrolysis systems SOE (solid oxide electrolysis). SOE offers two essential unique advantages – 30 % higher efficiency for power to green hydrogen conversion compared to competing technologies (e.g. alkaline and PEM electrolysis) with the use of waste heat, and its Co-electrolysis capability.


Functionalized and precision-molded glasses

Thanks to new shaping possibilities, glass can be processed at significantly lower temperatures and thus be mixed with fillers that enable new functions. This opens a wide range of new fields of application in aerospace, safety engineering, vehicle construction or laboratory technology, for which glass was previously hardly an option. Depending on the process used, very different and complex shapes and properties are now possible that were previously either not feasible at all or required costly and sometimes environmentally harmful post-processing steps. These include a wide range of colors, but also metal-free, electrically conductive, heating, antibacterial and luminescent glasses. In addition, the IKTS glass shaping approaches in many cases reduce the consumption of energy, working time and other resources in glass component manufacturing.