Trade fair  /  03/13/2018  -  03/15/2018


Fresh air, clean water: At the world's largest trade fair for filtration and separation technology, Fraunhofer IKTS will be presenting solutions that make this possible in a safe and sustainable way.

Next-level ceramic filtration in Hall 11.1, Booth A27

Porous filter ceramics

At Fraunhofer IKTS porous ceramics are characterized, optimized and developed. The pore width, pore size distribution and the proportions of open or closed porosity are varied in a targeted manner. In use, the components defy corrosive environments and high temperatures – and are therefore predestined for hot gas dust removal, particle filtration or as catalysts in chemical, environmental and process engineering.

Ceramic Membranes

Water is indispensable in agriculture and industry, both as a foodstuff and as a means of production. Wastewater must therefore be cleaned from salt, pigments or pharmaceutical residues as efficiently as possible. This is made possible by ceramic membranes. Shown are different geometries coated with ceramic membranes which make it possible to separate up to extremely small 200 Dalton molecules from liquids. The pilot plants equipped by IKTS with a membrane area of several hundred square meters demonstrate the economic use of this efficient and sustainable technology.