Sponsoring and exhibition

A sponsorship will give your organization a unique opportunity for exposure within the international SBS4 community. Please find here our sponsoring packages. 

Individual sponsoring is possible, of course. Please contact us to discuss your tailored solution.

The SBS4 is complemented by an industrial exhibition that offers an efficient contact platform and opportunity to learn about the latest developments. Exhibitors will have the opportunity to present their company/organisation during an exhibitors pitch elevator (5 min presentation).

List of sponsors

Altech Batteries GmbH
Altech Batteries GmbH in a joint venture with Fraunhofer IKTS is commercializing a 100 MWh solid state sodium chloride battery production facility, and is also at the cutting edge of developing battery materials for a Lithium-ion battery future by successfully incorporating silicon in graphite anodes to produce higher energy density batteries. Both factories will be situated at the Altech site in Schwarze Pumpe, Saxony.
Address Südstraße 3
02979 Spreetal, Germany
Contact Mr. Carsten Baumeister
Phone: +49 174 9641081  
Areas of expertise
  • Sodium chloride CERENERGY® solid state (SCSS) batteries
  • Ceramic coating of graphite and silicon for anode material
  • CERENERGY® solid state battery module

Alumina Systems GmbH
  ALUMINA SYSTEMS GMBH is the leading supplier for metal-to ceramics-joints. Applications can be seen in high-power electronics like thyristor housings or customer related solutions for ATEX-secured feedthroughs in the direct gas stream. ALUMINA SYSTEMS uses this joining know-how for construction and production of the NaNiCl2-battery, which central functional element is a brazed Na-doped Al2O3 cell with brazed metal flanges. ALUMINA SYSTEMS received an international EU-Founding in 2021 (IPCEI) and develops the technology together with her Swiss Partner “Battery Consult” till serial readiness level. 
Address Bahnhofstr. 43
96257 Redwitz, Germany
Contact Mr. Dr. Holger Wampers
Phone: +49 9574-65432256
  Areas of expertise
  • Vacuum tight brazing of Metal-to Ceramic-joints
  • Spray-drying of several ceramic materials
  • Active and passive brazing in a wide range of applications
  • Battery Module for household application (7.2 kWh)
  • Cells and samples

BioLogic Science Instruments GmbH 
BioLogic’s potentiostats and battery cyclers play a decisive role in the design, optimization, and manufacture of the products of tomorrow. Our high‐precision, high‐performance measurement instruments, powered by advanced, user‐friendly software help scientists and industrial experts in electrochemistry and battery and material testing.
Address Rodeweg 20,
37081 Göttingen,
Contact Mr. Josef Sanarov
Phone: +49 551 382 66904
Areas of expertise
  • Electrochemical instrumentation
  • Impedance Analyzers
  • Battery Testing

DORST Technologies GmbH & Co. KG

DORST TECHNOLOGIES is a leading international supplier of machinery and complete production systems for the ceramic and powder metallurgy industry with local support in all industrialized countries. We specialize in powder preparation, machines, equipment, automation systems, tools and accessories for processing and shaping of metal powders, technical ceramics, hard metals, ceramics and all other types of powder materials. 
Address Mittenwalder Strasse 61
82431 Kochel am See
Contact Mr. Hans-Christian Schmidt
Phone: +49 8851 188-332
Areas of
  • Powder Pressing Technologies and Ceramic Production Processes
  • Technical Ceramics and Magnetic Materials
  • Hardmetal and Special Materials
  • Metalpowder
  • Ceramics
  • Pressing systems for solid state electrolyte battery tubes
  • Pressing systems for axial pressed battery components
  • Spraydrying of ceramic materials and battery materials
  • IoT Solutions

EKTechnologies GmbH

EKTechnologies is specialized in special measurement technology for the analysis of electrochemical processes with a focus on tests in the field of renewable energies, such as battery and fuel cells or electrolysis tests etc. Our portfolio ranges from ultra-small potentiostats  for analyses on electrochemical sensors to full featured fuel cell test benches.    
Address Rudolf-Diesel-Str. 36
71154 Nufringen
Contact Mr. Dr. Martin Uhlemann
Phone: +49 7032 / 895 93-27
Areas of
  • Battery Test
  • Fuel Cell Test
  • Electrolysis and Power-to-X
  • Corrosion
  • Sensor Development
  • Potentiostats
  • Galvanostats
  • Battery Cell Holder

EL-Cell GmbH

EL-CELL develops electrochemical instrumentation for testing new battery materials. We offer a wide range of 3-electrode battery test cells, tools and potentiostats that are precisely tailored to the special requirements of battery research. This allows us to offer our customers the complete setup for conducting electrochemical experiments.
Address Tempowerkring 8
21079 Hamburg, Germany
Contact Mr. Dr. Sebastian Müller
Phone: +49 151 742 324 17
Areas of expertise
  • Electrochemical test equipment and services
  • Test cells for lithium-ion batteries and other energy storage technologies
  • Aprotic or aqueous electrolytes to capacitor systems for doing two- and three-electrode tests,
  • Gas and pressure experiments, optical measurements, and investigation of charge-induced strain (electrode thickness change)
  • PAT-Cell, ECD-4-nano, PAT-Cell-Force, PAT-Cell-Gas
  • PAT-Tester-i-16
  • PAT-Tester-x-8

FREY SYSTEME is a renowned international provider of axial and isostatic powder presses and comprehensive automation systems for the ceramic and powder metallurgy sectors. Our expertise lies in offering a wide range of solutions, including powder presses and powder filling, automation systems and individual solutions for the pressing and compacting of various powder materials such as ceramic powders, metal powders, hard metals and plastic powders.
Address Papyrerstraße 12, 
83661 Lenggries, Germany
Contact Mrs. Christine Rieger
Phone: +49 8042 9176 15
Areas of expertise
  • Isostatic and axial powder pressing
  • Production systems for the ceramic parts of solid state batteries
  • Automation
  • High-efficiency hydraulic system (70 % energy savings)
  • Isostatic systems for thin tubes closed on one side 
  • Axial systems for washers and rings 
  • Automation for complete production

M. Braun Inertgas-Systeme GmbH

MBRAUN offers special solutions for processing air-sensitive material and components under inert conditions. High-speed electrolyte filling systems (ELFI) for pouch, cylindrical and prismatic cells, drying ovens, transport solutions and solvent removal systems enable to offer turnkey solutions, starting at R&D level, followed by pilot scale industrial research up to mass manufacturing.
Address Dieselstr. 31
85748 Garching, Germany
Contact Marketing Department
Mr. Dr. Plinio Furtat
Areas of
  • Battery Cell Production
  • All Solid State & Li-Ion Battery
  • Glovebox Systems & Mini Environments
  • Inert Gas Purification
  • Vacuum Technology For Thin-Films
  • Engineering & Automation
  • Customized Solutions

NGK Europe GmbH
NGK utilizes ceramics as our core technology to expand our Environment Business, Digital Society Business, Energy & Industry Business into the business domains of energy, ecology, and electronics. The NAS battery was the world's first commercialized battery system capable of megawatt-level electric power storage. The NAS battery system boasts an array of superior features, including large capacity, high energy density, and long service life, thus enabling a high output of electric power for long periods of time.
Address Westerbachstraße 32
61476 Kronberg, Germany
Contact Mr. Akihiro Kai
Phone: +49 6173 993-128
Areas of
  • NAS batteries
  • NAS batteries

Rösler CeramInno GmbH 
Rösler CeramInno GmbH with 70 employees at the Schauberg site is a special service provider for the chemical and ceramic industry. 
Address Langenauer Str. 2,
96355 Tettau- Schauberg,
Contact Mr. Johannes Rösler
Phone: +49 9269 78130
Areas of
  • Contract drying, calcination and sintering of components and bulk materials such as powders, tablets, catalysts, catalyst carriers etc. from room temperature to 1600 °C in electrically and gas-fired kilns. Test calcinations on a kg scale, up to contract manufacturing with hundreds/thousands of tons per year   
  • Contract sieving of powders to 60 µm
  • Contract blending in Lödige ploughshare mixers
  • Contract milling and spray drying using a Dorst D 800 spray dryer with an evaporation capacity of 800 l/h, incl. filling into customers' own containers 
  • Production and distribution of firing cassettes made of SIC, Al2O3 and cordierite according to individual customer requirements
  • Contract metallization of ceramic components using screen printing and subsequent calcination of the metallization 
  • Wet chemical pilot plant under construction for the development of recycling processes for the recovery of precious metals from spent catalysts and waste electrical equipment
  • Laboratory services such as specific surface area measurements (BET) and particle size measurements by laser diffraction