MEGGITT workshop: "Piezoelectric materials and applications"

October 9, 2019, 14:00–20:00

14:00–14:15 Welcome
K. Astafiev, Meggitt A/S
14:15–15:15 ABC of piezoelectricity
E. Ringgaard, Meggitt A/S
15:15–15:45 Coffee break
15:45–16:45 Application of piezoelectric materials
E. Ringgaard and K. Astafiev, Meggitt A/S
16:45–17:30 Emerging technologies in the field of piezoelectric materials and their applications
K. Astafiev, Meggitt A/S
17:30–18:00 Open innovation initiative
K. Astafiev, Meggitt A/S
18:00–20:00 Get together: networking and snacks in exhibition


International Symposium on Piezocomposite Applications ISPA

October 10, 2019


8:45–8:55 C. Wunderlich, Fraunhofer IKTS, Germany  
8:55–9:05 P. Homilius, Saxony Economic Development Corporation, Germany  
9:05–9:15 H. Neubert, Fraunhofer IKTS, Germany  
Session 1: Solutions and customer requirements  Medical applications  
9:15–9:45 PMN-PT Single Crystal Piezo composites and its potential applications for biplane arrays
H. Heuer, Fraunhofer IKTS, Dresden, Germany
9:45–10:15 Development of therapeutic ultrasound applications for lung cancer treatment using one lung filling: from acoustic modelling to design specifications
F. Wolfram, T. Lesser, Lung Cancer Centre, SRH Wald-Klinikum Gera, Germany
10:15–10:45 Coffee break in exhibition area  
Session 2: Piezoelectric materials and components  
10:45–11:15 Manufacturing of co-fired multilayer components for high-precision applications
D. Platz, PI Ceramic GmbH, Lederhose, Germany
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Piezoelectric applications supported by CeramTec
H.-J. Schreiner, CeramTec GmbH, Lauf, Germany
11:45–12:15 Layered-perovskites as potential template-system for texturing lead-free KNN-ceramics
C. Briegel, Fraunhofer IKTS, Dresden, Germany
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12:15–13:30 Lunch break in exhibition area  
Gen III “Mn-modified” PMN-PZT single crystals for high-power/high-frequency/composite applications
H.-Y. Lee, Ceracomp Co., Ltd., Sunmoon University, Cheonan, South Korea
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14:00–14:30 Deposition of thick piezoelectric films by Gas Flow Sputtering
K. Ortner, Fraunhofer IST, Braunschweig, Germany
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Session 3: Solutions and customer requirements – Haptics  
Recent developments in haptics and haptic interfaces
U. Marschner, TU Dresden, Dresden, Germany
15:00–15:30 Coffee break in exhibition area  
15:30–16:00 Piezoceramic-based tactile feedback touch screen: Design, analysis, and prototyping
V. Khoshkava, D. Grant, Immersion Corp., Montreal, Canada
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Tailoring pillar diameter and pitch of 1-3 piezocomposites for 40 MHz ultrasonic transducers fabricated by the soft-mold process
P. Günther, S. Gebhardt, Fraunhofer IKTS, Dresden, Germany
16:45–18:00 Fraunhofer lab tour  
18:15–18:45 Bus transfer to conference dinner at Lingnerterrassen  
19:00 Conference dinner at Lingnerterrassen  



October 11, 2019

Session 4: Solutions and customer requirements – Sensing, monitoring and testing  
9:00–9:30 Wireless applications for condition monitoring using piezoelectric transducers
M. Oemus, Th. Klesse, J. Augustin, U. Lieske, L. Schubert, P. Neumeister, A. Schönecker, Fraunhofer IKTS, Dresden, Germany
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9:30–10:00 Air-coupled ultrasonic testing using low-frequency transducers based on piezoelectric fiber composites
R. Steinhausen, M. Kiel, Forschungszentrum Ultraschall gGmbH, Halle, Germany
10:00–10:30 Development of a small-scale & low-cost SHM system for thin- walled CFRP structures based on acoustic emission analysis and neural networks
M. Gurka, P. Argus, B. Kelkel, Institut für Verbundwerkstoffe GmbH und Photonik-Zentrum Kaiserslautern e.V., Kaiserslautern, Germany
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10:30–11:00 Coffee break in exhibition area  
11:00–11:30 Sensor and actuator integration in lightweight sports equipment
C. Lies, D. Löpitz, M. Knobloch, Fraunhofer IWU, Chemnitz, Germany
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11:30–12:00 Design of embedded ultrasonic transducers for concrete structures monitoring
C. Dumoulin, Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB), Bruxelles, Belgium
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12:00–12:30 Broadband soundfield measurement device for R&D and quality control purposes
R. Sommerhuber, XARION Laser Acoustics GmbH, Vienna, Austria
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12:30–13:00 Flexible Piezoelectric Transducers for health monitoring
F. Guido, Piezoskin S.r.l., start-up at the Center for Biomolecular Nanotechnologies, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (CBN-IIT), Arnesano (Lecce), Italy
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13:00–14:00 Lunch break in exhibition area  
Session 5: Market and future developments, summary  
14:00–14:30 Market development for piezo products by customer integration in product engineering processes
A. Schönecker, C. Walter, C. Nicolai, M. Schwemmle
Fraunhofer IKTS, Dresden, Freie Universität Berlin, Hasso Plattner Institut Potsdam, Germany
14:30–15:00 From idea to product – how long does it take, in honor of A. Schönecker
S. Gebhardt, H. Neubert, Fraunhofer IKTS, Dresden, Germany
15:00–15:20 Recent developments with MFC
T. Daue, Smart Material Corp., Sarasota, USA
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Information for speakers

The allocated time to each talk is 30 minutes (20 minutes for presentation plus 10 minutes for discussion).

The abstracts of all talks will be published in the conference documents.

If possible, please send us your presentation slides two days before the conference starts via email to You also have the opportunity to transfer your presentation to the designated computer and check it on the conference day. Speakers are then required to meet with their session chairs in the conference room at least 10 minutes before the beginning of the session. For all technical questions a local staff member will be available to help.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.