Conference  /  09/24/2017  -  09/26/2017

International Conference on Barkhausen Noise and Micromagnetic Testing (ICBM)

The ICBM committee is pleased to announce the next International Conference on Barkhausen Noise and Micromagnetic Testing (ICBM) on September 24–26, 2017. The 12th edition of the conference series will take place in Dresden, Germany –  home town of Professor Heinrich Barkhausen and birth place of the Barkhausen effect.

Academic researchers, production engineers, quality managers and users are invited to discuss research on Barkhausen noise and industrial application. Core topics of this year´s conference are:

  • General research on micromagnetics and Barkhausen noise
  • Non-destructive monitoring of microstructures
  • Description of materials properties and life cycle predictions
  • Industrial applications such as grinding burn inspections or testing of hardened structures

After the conference, participants are invited join the "Materials Week Dresden", the meeting point for explorers, developers and decision-makers in the materials industry. There will be special conference fees for participants of ICBM.

Since 1998, the ICBM conferences promote the formation of networks among the international users and ensure further development and better understanding of the Barkhausen noise and the micromagnetics.